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With us, you have limitless design opportunities.

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At Resin Decor & Design we believe that thinking differently is our greatest asset. That is why we specialize in the creation and installation of Epoxy Resin Flooring Systems. With us, you will find the type of flooring solution which best suits your needs. 

What is resin? Resin is stronger than concrete, smoother than almost anything and totally seamless in the finish, resin floors/walls are a classic example of a man-made material getting things absolutely right. The resin is produced by a chemical reaction between polymers which then absorb into concrete foundations and base flooring to create a rock-solid and continuous floor surface that simply cannot flake, peel or come loose.

Why choose Resin? Resin flooring/walls last for years enhance safety, come in a huge range of colours and are probably the lowest maintenance and most easily cleaned floor covering on the market. Resin is a very durable flooring material that can easily outlast most traditional types of flooring. This type of flooring is also a fantastic replacement for traditional tile as it doesn’t chip or crack. The unique, high-quality sealant allows it to withstand any type of moisture or water damage.

What materials can be used with Resin? A huge range of finishes are possible using resin-based systems from colour choice to the addition of coloured quartz, and decorative flake systems including natural and dyed aggregates and can be customized at your desire with 3D printing. Resin flooring/walls can give a sustainable and innovative alternative to classical flooring or walls.

Benefits of Resin? The benefits of resin systems are numerous: seamless, low cost yet durable and hard-wearing floor treatment, Hygienic, fast cure flooring systems allowing minimal downtime and having a matter of hours, easy to clean and reducing dust. These systems can be used to produce decorative flooring systems for residential as well as commercial applications, Anti Slip, good Chemical resistance.

Where Resin can be applied? Ideal for residential areas, schools, food production areas, hospitals, pharmaceutical production, warehouses, showers, bathrooms, marine environments, car parks, garages, and workshops.

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