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Epoxy or resin floors, once relegated to the garage, are now making their way indoors. With many attractive features—like their modern aesthetic—look for these glam floors to dominate interior designs in 2018. This bright space is proof that epoxy plays well with a combination of modern and traditional design elements to create an inviting and enviable interior. 

Epoxy floors, which are considerably more durable than paint, invite risk-takers to play with bold hues not traditionally seen ground level. This shocking shade of periwinkle injects modern flair into a space that is otherwise teeming with traditional vibes in French country chic.

Epoxy floors are available in a range of finishes from matte to high gloss. Make the most of natural sunlight and consider a light finish with lots of shine to maximize reflectivity. An easy trick to brighten dark spaces.

Since epoxy floors don’t absorb water, they’re especially ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where surfaces are often wet. Simply towel dry and DONE.

Few flooring options stand up to high traffic as well as epoxy—they are, after all, commonplace in garage settings. For those who entertain frequently, consider epoxy for combating wear and tear from shoes, spills, chair legs, pets, and everything else that (ugh!) wages war on floors.

Durable and softer than concrete, epoxy floors are ideal for kids—even in neutral colors, like this warm shade of gray.

If a solid color epoxy floor sounds too monochromatic and bland, consider a high gloss finish to enhance reflectivity and create visual movement and interest—no rugs needed.

Epoxy floors maintain hypoallergenic properties, which make them more sanitary than carpet and easier to clean than hardwood. If you still crave the plush softness of carpet underfoot, layer a machine washable throw rug on top of epoxy floors for the best of both worlds.

It is proof that epoxy works with any design aesthetic, including an ultra-glam space with French and Moroccan influences. We’re loving the greige revival happening here with layers of rugs and metallic accents.

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